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Connect the world with a single click. From email marketing to online meetings, Talk Fusion gives you a more personal way to stay in touch. Redefine the way you share your thoughts, your business, your charity, and your life! All for one low price.

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Talk Fusion | Products | Video Email


Talk Fusion makes it fun, fast, and easy to create eye-catching Video Emails for personal, business, or charity. Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates in many languages, record or upload your video, then click Send.


Design high-impact Video Newsletters with our drag-and-drop interface! Easily add text and photos. Put in your logo and use your favorite colors and fonts. Increase open rates, click-throughs, replies and forwards faster than you can say, “Just press play.”

Talk Fusion | Products | Video Newsletters
Talk Fusion | Products | Live Meetings


Organize and host a full-featured global presentation within minutes! Stream video; upload PowerPoint slides; participate in the live chat; share files and your desktop with up to 500 guests. Even record your presentations for future use.


Move over, Skype and FaceTime: our award-winning Video Chat connects any device to every device! Chat face-to-face with friends, family, and customers no matter which smartphone, PC, or tablet they’re on.

Talk Fusion | Products | Video Chat
Talk Fusion | Products | Sign-up Forms


Engage new contacts and customers in a whole new way—automatically. Building your email list has never been easier! Choose from hundreds of unique Sign-up Form designs or customize your own in seconds. Video auto responders do the follow-up for you.

Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Easily share personal video messages and promotions with followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Talk Fusion | Products | Track Results
Talk Fusion | Products | Track Results

Track Your Results

Real-time reports let you see who’s watching, sharing, and opening your Video Emails and Video Newsletters. Even track who attends your Live Meetings!